MH Connect Help For Faculty Teaching Bus 101

Faculty teaching Bus 101,
This website is designed to help you with some of the work Jean Fornasieri and Skip Huisking have done to make the transition to a new Bus 101 text as seamless and smooth as possible.
As background, McGraw-Hill (MH) have developed a great system to help students improve their learning while at the same time, helping faculty with great tools and processes. Tools and processes that:

  • improve our productivity
  • making it much easier to identify – and reach – students who are having problems (or not completing assignments on time)
  • a text system that is economical for the student reducing and/or eliminating them “not purchasing the book”

We hope you take a look at what we have done to help bring this system to our fellow colleagues and become as enthusiastic as we are in using it for your sections of Intro to Business 101.
Skip and Jean have used this system during Summer I to get hands on experience.
This website does NOT replace reaching out to our MH representative to get access to the new text and learning system. It is designed to give you an overview of what we have done to bring it to BCC.

Skip and Jean