MH Overview

This website is an OVERVIEW and does NOT replace you signing up with McGraw-Hill (MH). See below for contact information for both our representative and technical support.

MH Connect or sometimes called MH Campus is a Learning Management System (LMS) similar to Moodle. However Moodle is generic in nature- MH Connect contains all the tools & material for a specific text book used in a given course. In our case, Business 101 using the text M-Business by Ferrell Hirt and Ferrell. Click on Text to learn more about the book.
MH connect contains just about all the material necessary built in. Question Data banks, Video’s, quizzes, and LearnSmart – which serves as a great foundation for the students to learn the material in each chapter. Click on LearnSmart  to learn a little bit about this tool. Since many are concerned about learning a new system on the run, we have provided a basic template that contains ONLY that LearnSmart tool. Those who want can use that and learn/add more of the tools later. Those that are tech savvy or have used the system, we can provide templates that contain much more of the tools. And of course, you can just build your own as you get more comfortable with the system.

Our MH Representative is Martina Downey  and our Tech support is displayed in the following jpg. Make sure you email Martina to set up your account and MH Connect system.


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