LearnSmart Assignments


LearnSmart is probably the most innovative and creative aspect of new system. LearnSmart is a specific reading assignment process for each chapter of the text. It serves as the foundation this system brings to Business 101. Once the student clicks on the LearnSmart assignment, up comes the chapter text with a menu displaying:

  • Assignments: Where the student stands with all LearnSmart Assignments
  • Preview: See different parts of the chapter to go directly where they want to learn.
  • Read: Actually Start Reading the Chapter
  • Practice: Quizzes that supports Learning
  • My Reports: Showing How the Student is Doing in the Chapter
  • SmartBook: How to use this LearnSmart Approach.

The student can look at any of the menu items to start reading the text, practicing, etc.

TEMPLATE for Your Course

We should note that we will be providing you a simple, basic MH Connect template for the course. It is basic, only including the LearnSmart Assignment. Jean and I have many more of the tools added in our sections. Anyone who feels comfortable having a lot more of the tools pre-loaded, please reach out to us and we will certainly share ours with you. Those of you who are very comfortable with this technology and therefore want to see what we have been doing, reach out. You can load it in and add/delete as you see fit.

Skip: whuisking@bergen.edu
Jean: jfornasieri@bergen.edu


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